Your Apple Watch Series 4 can now run detailed Electrocardiogram tests

The Apple Watch Series 4, which was unveiled in September this year, proved to be a beacon of utility and elegance in the ana-digi timepiece league. Packing the power of a standard iPhone into an efficiently un?complicated modern-day timepiece with the features of an entry-level computer, the Apple Watch Series 4 currently stands as 2018’s best smartwatch yet. And when it debuted, one part particular feature stood out.

Apple Watch Series 4

The Electrocardiogram or ECG feature was listed in the watch’s brochure and was one of its unique selling points. But it wasn’t available at the time of launch – it became active as a part of the Apple Watch’s 5.1.2 update, which was unveiled last week. The delay was reported due to FDA clarification (approval?) formalities.

Apple claims that with this feature, all ECG recordings, their associated classifications and any noted symptoms would be stored securely in the Health app on the connected iPhone, and users will be able to share a PDF of the readings and the observations with their physicians.

Apple Watch Series 4

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