The Apple Watch is currently on top of the smart watch world. Now in its third series, the smart watch’s design continues to improve – and impress. Now crafted from ceramic and imbued with true cellular capabilities, technology has surely exceeded the wildest imaginations of 1950s science fiction authors, who dreamed up phone calls from your wrist watch, to the incredulity of skeptics. But now, you can do just that, track your progress on a hike, or play all sorts of time-wasting games. It seems the future has arrived, and it’s time we all charged forward, right into it – and what better way than with the sci-fi watch of our fantasies? If you do decide to pick up an apple watch, you’ll need to match it with a charging dock, to keep all your smart tech powered up. We’ve assembled the best charging docks for your futuristic accessory.


Best On The Cheap

Sometimes, you just want the bare bones essential – especially when you’ve just put down $300 for a new Series 3 Apple Watch. Still, there is such thing as good cheap and bad cheap. The Spigen S350 is the good kind, meaning while it’s not the best product on this list, it’s still reliable, and well worth the opportunity cost. It is a dual-utility charger, usable by both your watch and your iPhone. The S350 is also compatible with Apple Watch nightstand mode – a very useful mode offered in the second OS of the Apple Watch which displays the date and time, along with the current charge and alarm at the touch of a finger. The Spigen dock is compatible with series 3, series 2, and series 1 watches. Made of scratch-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane, this is a good piece of smart plastic for under $10.

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