UFO sighting: ‘AMAZING’ video footage captures BLACK UFO over Britain

UFO sighting: Unidentified flying objects have been sighted for several decades

“The cloud tunnels are used for moving from one base to another on Earth.

“They allow the UFOs to travel from the locations they want when they want and still keep them unseen by human eyes.

“However this cloud maker was caught.“

And the controversial footage, which quickly garnered thousands of YouTube, was soon attracting scores of comments.

YouTube viewer Melissa Smidt appeared convinced, writing: “Clearly, not a plane or bird. Plus, it traverses the entire bridge ‘cloud’ in just 2 frames.”

And viewer UpNorthOfThe49th agrees, adding: “26 sec mark there in a few frames but at the 46 sec mark it is like it is in two places at once. You can catch two then one then two then one again like skipping.”

However, not all the viewers of the bizarre and grainy footage are completely certain about the video’s veracity.

YouTube viewer YouSaltyD0g commented: “Looks like a bug to me.”

UFO spotted in Britain

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