UFO sighting: ‘AMAZING’ video footage captures BLACK UFO over Britain

They say “seeing is believing” when examining evidence for Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). And the latest proof of an alien spaceship visiting Earth has landed this week, according to wild online reports. The eye-opening footage is said to show a rectangular-shaped UFO flying at high speeds over English skies.

Self-proclaimed UFO researcher Scott C. Waring uploaded the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it footage this week.

It is mind-blowing that something could fly that fast

UFO researcher Scott C. Waring

He said: “This UFO is seen in only three frames of this video, but it is mind-blowing that something could fly that fast.

“The UFO is a rectangle shape from the side, but a diamond shape from a tilted position.

“Also the fact that unusual tunnel clouds appear in the background make me believe this is a UFO and it may be responsible for making that cloud tunnel.

UFO sighting: Contentious footage purportedly shows a rectangular-shaped UFO flying over the UK

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