Travel Photography Packing List

“I love your photos! What camera do you use while traveling?” is a question we get frequently from people following our adventures. It’s a great question because light, compact gear is essential when you are carrying everything you own around with you everywhere you go (along with clothes, toiletries, random photo props, and a bottle of wine or two).

In choosing what gear to carry we always focus on finding a balance between picture quality, versatility, weight, and cost. Read on to find out what photography equipment we’ve chosen for our travels and how you can get it too!

Camera Body: Nikon D7500

While on the road we’ve tried everything from small point-and-shoot cameras, several different DSLRs, waterproof cameras, and a GoPro. Over time we have ditched all of it except for our cell phones and a DSLR.

We selected the Nikon D7500 because it checks all of the boxes for quality, affordability, and versatility. It’s fairly compact and lightweight while still offering great photo quality. Plus it’s weather-sealed which we (accidentally) put to the test quite often!

Nikon D7500

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