Top 5 Cold Coffee Picks From Starbucks Baristas

We asked Starbucks baristas across the country to name their favorite icy cold coffee drinks to cool off with this summer. They responded with everything from favs straight off the menu to delicious custom tweaks. Try them all and see which one tops your list.

Starbucks Doubleshot® on Ice

Our only hand-shaken espresso drink, it melds the flavors of the rich, full-bodied espresso you love and is chilled and mellowed with a touch of milk and then lightly sweetened. All with tiny bubbles of frothy foam.

Personalize it with:
• Ristretto shots in place of regular espresso
• A splash of coconut, milk, half-and-half or breve
• White chocolate mocha sauce
• Sub classic syrup with vanilla syrup
• Raw sugar to give it crunch
• Sub classic syrup with caramel drizzle
• Sub classic syrup with toffee nut syrup
• Agave syrup

Iced White Chocolate Mocha

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