Top 10 Most Popular (and Cute!) Cat Breeds

We know cats have been around since the Egyptians, but may have been around even before that. Although we have had a long relationship with felines, it was not until recently that cat breeds came into light–most domestic cat breeds are less than 100 years old!

The popularity of cat shows in 19th century England jump-started the separation of cat breeds and selective cat breeding. Currently, there are about 40 cat breeds recognized by world cat registries, but new and rare breeds are being recognized all the time. Out of the 40 or so that are, here are the 10 most popular (and undeniably cutest).


Adorable, brown colored cat with short legs.

The Munchkin originated as a spontaneous genetic mutation in Louisiana, USA, in 1983. This resulted in a cat with disproportionately short legs, making it the Dachshund of the feline world. It is a newer breed and was officially recognized in 1995.


Fluffy white cat, with brown nose and ears.

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