Top 10 Best Smallest Dog Breeds In The World

Why small dogs are great pets? They are so adorable, charming, playful, easy to care and can take anywhere you ago. The small dogs can be your great companion. They can add lots of fun and happiness to your life. The followings are 10 smallest dog breeds in the world.

French Bulldog – 9 -12 kg

The French bulldog is a cute little dog with unique appearance. They only have a shoulder height of 30 cm and weigh between 9-12 kg. This breed has short face, rounded chest and round ‘bat’ ears. Despite of their small size the French Bulldogs have a muscular body and a short coat.

The proper training and socialization is important for French bulldog puppies. They are intelligent and learn the tricks easily. The well trained French bulldogs can be exceptional apartment dogs, because they don’t bark a lot. The French bulldogs are also affectionate, alert and playful. They get along well with children and other pets in the house.

Boston Terrier – 4.5-11 kg

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