Top 10 Best Professional and Entry-Level DSLR Cameras of 2018

While we all might have cameras built into our phones, sometimes you just need a better camera. Bloggers of all types and skill levels agree that having the right digital camera can make all the difference in the experience they deliver to their readers.

Not to mention, all types of blogging can benefit from having beautiful photos to accompany posts.

Food bloggers, fashion bloggers, mom bloggers, sports bloggers, and every blogger type in between rely on DSLRs to go well beyond what’s already built into their laptops and smartphones.

With the right camera (and the right photo editing software), it suddenly becomes possible to produce and post images that capture the attention of your readers and lend professionalism to your content.

Here are some of our favorite DSLRs for bloggers of all types and experience levels.

Best DSLR Camera above $5000

Canon 1DX

Canon 1DX DSLR

The Canon 1DX is a serious investment piece that Canon loyalists agree is the creme de la creme of DSLRs from this manufacturer. It clocks in at about $6,000.

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