Top 10 Best Cutest Dog Breeds In The World

A domestic animal originally bred from wolves. Dogs are considered to be the first animal domesticated by humans. Dogs are the best animal for the purpose of making pets because of their loyal, playful, sporting, and open-minded nature. Even Traders accompany dogs with them so as to guard their things on the journey. Dogs are even helpful in cotton and woollen mills. As some breeds of dogs are good ratters which keep surrounding clean by rats. Dogs eat both Vegetables and meat. A baby dog is called a pup or a puppy. Here is a list of top 10 cutest dog breeds on Earth.


A Breed from spitz type of dog i.e. dogs which have long and thick hair generally white in colour. It has got its name Pomeranian from the region in Germany. They have a lifespan of 12 to 16 years and are very small in size. They are classified as toy dogs because of there behaviour towards humans. One of the smallest dog breedsmost commonly suffers from a genetic disease which changes the colour of their hair to black and then hair fall occurs. A dog of this breed was owned by Queen Victoria. These dogs think themselves to be very powerful and therefore sometimes attempt to fight with dogs bigger than them in both size and power. The breed has been ranked number one as the world has great demand for small pet dogs. In modern times, the Pomeranians come in almost all types of colour which include white, black, brown, red and spotted brindle. Though they are playful and crazy but are very sensitive also and whenever they see anyone new around their surrounding, they start Barking.

Beautiful Dog Breeds


One of the most popular and cutest dog breeds in the world is an outcome from accidental cross-breeding between Pug and Beagle in the year 1980. It is also called “Designer Dog”. There are no breed clubs for the puggle. A sweet and intelligent dog which can be easily adjustable in any family. They are playful and love spending their time while playing and enjoying. They love socializing, learning new experiences and are very affectionate to children. Since puggle is a people lover pet, it should be kept indoors and should spend time with family members. Hobbies of puggle include howling, barking, Digging, or wandering. They are very loyalist and will always live with you the way you have trained them during their upbringing. Puggles have a lifespan of 10-15 years. They need a healthy dog diet. They generally catch allergies from surrounding so they need a special diet with a prescription.

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