The Best Portland Coffee Roasters Worth Knowing About

In a City Full of Beans Like Portland, It Pays to Know the Best

In the city of Portland, you can find good coffee, even great coffee, on just about every corner. In a fiercely competitive market, it’s the little things that differentiate roasters worth knowing about: ethically sourced beans, unparalleled customer-client relationships, and true passion for the craft tend to separate the best from the rest.

Here at Bipartisan, we work hard to research and stay up to date on which Portland coffee we should serve our patrons, and we’re ready to share our findings. Read on to learn more about the best Portland coffee roasters you should know about.

Water Avenue

A Bipartisan staple, we regularly stock Water Avenue coffee. Founded in 2009 by Matt Milletto, a long-time figure in Portland’s coffee industry, Water Avenue is an artisan roastery that began by sharing a space with the American Barista & Coffee School. Grounded in pairing professional support with a passion for micro-roasting, Water Avenue has flourished in its 8 year existence.

Millet shares that Water Avenue is more than a business venture, it’s grounded in true passion for the craft. He states that Water Avenue, “allowed us to really do something from our hearts. We want to be known as a unique and genuine micro-roaster that started in Portland, in the heart of the most competitive market, that people appreciate for the right reasons.”

If you’re ready to purchase Portland wholesale coffee, the level of support from Water Avenue does not disappoint.

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