The Best Intermediate Surfing Spots

I love everything about surfing, it somehow can grasp my short attention span and keep me entertained for hours. I think it’s the fact that no wave is ever the same, conditions can change in an instant and every surf spot is different.

I’ve been lucky enough to adventure all around the world on various surfing adventures. There wasn’t one place where my surfing progressed dramatically but more a series of places and variety of locations where something would just click and things would fall into place with my surfing. I’d get better at one thing or another, whether it was getting more confidence, riding bigger, faster waves or just having a better understanding of the ocean.

There were spots all over the world including Indonesia and Costa Rica,  where my surfing was really challenged and I had to step up my game.

So for those of you looking to push your surfing to the next level, here are my top picks of intermediate waves.

Kitchen Windows | Jeffrey’s Bays | South Africa

Jeffrey’s Bay is famous for Supertubes, arguably one of the best right-hand point breaks in the world and I get the impression that other spots along this stretch are often overlooked, but there’s a bunch of world class waves here not just the one. Outside Island Vibe Backpackers, stop number 3 on our South African Road Trip is Kitchen Windows. An a-frame point break where I scored an amazing ride, an overhead wave that was quite fast and went on and on and on, the first time I’d ridden anything so critical.

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