The Best Electric Cars Under $40,000 You Can Buy Now

Thinking about an electric car? Not sure which one is best for you? The editors of Kelly Blue Book have picked the five best electric cars that sell for under $40,000 and ranked them according to a number of criteria including range, comfort, and performance. Here they are, starting at the bottom of the list and working upward to the top.

Nissan LEAF

NIssan LEAF leads electric cars in sales

In many ways, the Nissan LEAF started the electric car movement. It first went on sale in America in 2011 and has remained the same in appearance since then. Its styling may be its weakest points, with a slightly goofy front end and an oddly styled rear that few people find attractive. But inside, it is roomy and has plenty of cargo space. The LEAF is the best selling electric car of all time with over 250,000 now on the road worldwide. Gas2 readers who drive a LEAF have nothing but good things to say about their cars. Here are its specs:

Starting Price: $31,545
Range per full charge: 107 miles
Charging time at 240V: About 6 hours
Power: 107 horsepower, 187 lb-ft of torque
0-60 miles per hour: About 10 seconds
Battery: 30-kWh lithium-ion
EPA fuel economy equivalent: 112 MPGe (city/highway combined)

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