Low Season Travel Photography: In Search of Winter Seascapes

Warm and welcoming in summer months, seaside in low season is a perfect place for travel and landscape photographers. Subdued colours, fantastic views and barely anyone around – isn’t it a true paradise for thoughtful landscape hunters? Armed not only with their trusty camera, but also with good walking shoes and jackets, they head out in search of wintry beauty of nature…

Etretat 9

On my trip through Normandy, I stopped for half a day in Etretat, a small town on the northern coast of France, famous for its coastal scenery and white cliffs. Densely populated in summer months, Etretat in late December is a peacefully pastoral place. For the past two centuries, it attracted well-known painters, such as Claude Monet and Gustave Courbet, as well as writers, Guy de Maupassan and Gustave Flaubert among others. Located only 3 hour away from Paris, Etretat soon became a popular place to visit by holiday makers from all over France.

Etretat 11

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