Interaction Design: 7 Basic Types of UI Animation

Animation is a hot point in the app or website development: some say that it overloads the screens and pages while the others show how helpful it is for users. Anyway, today most users expect the motion in the interfaces as a must. Let’s see what types of UI animation are popular and widely used and how they may influence user experience. Traditionally, with a big pack of examples.

Loading and Progress

This is perhaps one of the most diverse and numerous group of UI animations. It aims at informing a user about the progress they have with app or website. It’s hard to imagine something worse than waiting without understanding what’s going on – loading and progress animations solve this problem. For example, a pull-to-refresh animation shows that the page is reloading the content. Progress bars inform how far the user is into the process and if the completion is close.

ui animationBright loading animation by the Icons8 team imitates the well-recognized image of the sandglass often associated with waiting.

interface animation

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