How To Use And Personalize Your Apple Watch

10 Coolest Things the Apple Watch Can Do

The Apple Watch is a remarkably capable device, but it still doesn’t take long to master the basics of what it can do. Once you’ve got those down, it’s time to change gears and try your hand at some of the clever but less obvious features that you can take advantage of, thanks — in no small part — to all the apps that bring added functionality to your smartwatch.

With that in mind, here are 10 of the coolest things your Apple Watch is capable of doing.—Dan Moren

Go for a swim

Got an Apple Watch Series 3? Banish your natural inclination not to get your electronics wet. While the first version of the Watch was water resistant, Apple added the ability to submerge the watch up to 50 meters with the 2016 update to its smartwatch line. And that feature remains a part of the Series 3 model, making it perfect for workouts at the local pool.

Just remember to use the Water Lock feature to eject any extra water from the speaker opening after your workout. Water Lock kicks in automatically when you start a swimming workout, and you can unlock the screen (and clear out water) when you’re done by turning the digital crown. (Keep in mind that if you take a swim in the ocean, you also probably want to rinse off the salt water with fresh water afterwards.)

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