Best travel tripod 2018: 5 carbon fiber stands for your camera

Whether it’s a weekend city break or a longer trip away, if you’re taking your camera, then a tripod is an essential item of kit to take with you. Without one, you won’t be able to capture those striking early morning or low-light images, where a solid support is essential.

Standard size tripods are fine if you haven’t got to walk far or are prepared to lug it around, but they’re cumbersome when you’re away from home, which is where travel tripods come in.

Smaller in size, they’re much easier to carry around (and to fit in your suitcase), but still stable enough to shoot long exposures with. There are a host of aluminium construction tripods available, but we’ve opted to look at the carbon fibre options here – they cost more, but they’re lighter than aluminium alternatives.

A tripod’s no good without a head to set the camera on, and we’ve picked models that feature ball heads, offering quick adjustment as well as benefiting from small proportions to ensure they take up the least amount of space when you’re traveling with them.

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