Best Portable Hard Drives for Travel Photographers and Digital Nomads

Over the course of our 3+ years of travel we have taken a lot of photos. I mean a lot! We are currently traveling with over 4 terabytes of photos. We shoot most of our photos for our blog and Instagram in RAW which means the file size for each individual photo  is over 30MB. This means we need a lot of storage.

We have tried various methods of storing and backing up all of our photos and digital assets. We now prefer storing as little as possible on our laptops so all of our photos go on external hard drives. We need fast, reliable external hard drives to be able to do our jobs every day.

If you’re planning an around-the-world trip you have probably already thought about upgrading your photography equipment so you can capture all the beautiful moments from your travels. But what you may have not considered is how your going to store those hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of photos you’ll be taking.

Here are our favorite portable hard drives for storing all of your irreplaceable travel memories!

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