Best Mac 2018: the best Macs to buy this year

Now that both macOS Mojave and the new MacBook Air are here, the best Macs are better than ever. And, if you’re thinking about going out and picking up one of the best Macs, keep in mind that specs, performance and design mean way more in how they interact with the OS itself than any of them separately. That’s why it isn’t really useful to pit the best Macs against Windows 10 PCs.

The best Macs are extremely diverse in 2018. We don’t know what Apple’s future looks like, but we’re sure that there’s plenty of life in the Macintosh. The best Macs cover everything from high-resolution workhorses like the MacBook Pro to stationary behemoths like the iMac Pro, even to thin-and-light notebooks like the 12-inch MacBook. But, which Mac is right for you?

Well, we decided to put together this list of the best Macs – iMacs, MacBooks and more – to help you answer that question. The only Macs that aren’t included here are the ones we’ve yet to review, or just didn’t make the cut. So, let’s dive into all the best Macs on the market in 2018.

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