Best Lightweight Travel Tripods For Photographers

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Tripods are a fixture of a good travel photographer’s toolkit. These are the best lightweight travel tripods for capturing stunning landscapes around the world with your camera.

Working as a professional adventure travel blogger, I rely on a lightweight and sturdy travel tripod to keep my camera steady for producing epic landscape and adventure images from my trips around the world.

Whether it’s hiking in the mountains of Afghanistan, or wandering the streets of Paris. My travel tripod joins me almost everywhere I’ll be planning to shoot photos.

I seriously can’t imagine traveling without one!

Today I wanted to share some of the best lightweight travel tripods currently available, and review my favorites (pros, cons) along with which tripod comes with me the most.

Travel Tripods for Photography

Why Are Tripods Important?

Do you really need a tripod? Well, not everyone one does. Tools like sensor-based image stabilization and optical lens stabilization make them less mandatory than ever.

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