Avoid Buying These Types Of Luxury Watches

The only problem is if you wear a watch—regardless of why you put it on in the first place—and it doesn’t allow you to read the time with a quick glance. It’s even worse if you need to carefully study the dial or twist your hand around in the light to try and read the time precisely. No matter how expensive a watch is, if it’s not easily legible, then the wearer doesn’t have much of a reason to put it on. Of course, you might still put it on as as status symbol, but there’s so many watches that are both recognizable and legible.

If you go into any watch store, you’ll see a dizzying array of both cheap and expensive watches that are really hard to read. Some watches seem to have been designed by people who felt that actually reading the time was a distant afterthought compared to some other element, like how many diamonds should be encrusted in the dial. This is a symptom of a large problem: very few watch brands are actually designing tools for people to use. There are exceptions, of course, and many companies can do basic things, like create easy-to-read dials, pretty competently. Still, it’s frustrating to see watchmakers who tout their passion for timepieces produce dials that even someone with excellent vision can barely read.

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Poorly designed watch dials tend to happen because of insufficient design quality control and an almost complete lack of enthusiastic supervision. When creative directors behind a product really care about watches, it shows. Watches that result from such forces tend to be popular simply because the people who produced these watches made sure that they were the best they could be before they hit the market.

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