Alien encounter a RISK as they could DESTROY us with ease – scientists warn

TWO well respected scientists have warned against trying to contact aliens with lasers, as a meeting between humans and extraterrestrials could be like a “showdown between Bambi and Godzilla”.

Aliens with the technology to reach Earth from the far reaches of the cosmos would also have to potential to destroy us with ease. This is according to two German scientists, Professor Michael Schetsche and Dr Andreas Anton at the University of Freiburg, who say that if aliens have a similar economic viewpoint as us, then they could see us as competition and obliterate us. The scientists came up with the bleak scenario in their new book, The Alien Society — Introduction to Exosociology, and compared it to when Europe first made contact with the Americas.

Prof Schetsche said: “We can look at historical analogies. When the Americas were discovered, the conquerors landed with huge ships, cannons and horses.

“This has led to the extinction of over 90 percent of the native population.”

To prevent a conflict which would be similar to “a showdown between Bambi and Godzilla, and we would be Bambi in this case”, the experts want a a UN law “prohibiting individuals or research groups from actively broadcasting signals into space”.

The duo also list other ways in which humans might meet their end.


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