9 Of The Most Important Telescopes In The Universe Of Astronomy

His work would eventually earn him the title “ The Father of Modern Science”. Using his telescope, Galileo was busy observing the moon, discovering four of Jupiter’s moons, watching supernovas, and even verified the phases of Venus.

The Fermi Gamma-ray Telescope

As its name implies, The Fermi Gamma-ray Telescope uses gamma rays. A form of light, gamma rays are some of the most powerful forms of energy in the universe. Gamma-ray bursts tend to be created during the violent collision of stars or even in celestial events like black holes.

Hubble Space Telescope

9 of the Most Important Telescopes in the Universe of Astronomy

Now, let’s move on to something that is more of a household name, the Hubble Telescope. Being in orbit for almost 30 years, the telescope takes its name from the famous American Astronomer Edwin Hubble. Even if you have never heard about this telescope, you have for sure heard of some the Hubble’s tremendous accomplishments.

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