9 Of The Most Important Telescopes In The Universe Of Astronomy

Currently, there are seven classifications of telescopes that astronomers use, most of them is a big step from what you may have had laying in your bedroom as a kid. Each telescope uses a different method to scan the sky. There are x-ray telescopes, ultraviolet telescopes, optical telescopes, infrared telescopes, submillimeter telescopes, fresnel imagers, and finally x-ray optics.

Here is a little refresher crash course on everything you need to know about telescopes.

Now that you have got the basics down it is time to venture off and examine some of the most important telescopes in astronomy.

Galileo’s Telescope

Why not start where it all began? Though Galileo Galilei was not the inventor of the telescope or even the first person to point a spyglass up into the sky, he was one of the first astronomers to extrapolate what he saw in the night sky drawing conclusions about the universe that would forever change the way people viewed the night sky

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