6 Reasons Why Your Travel Photos Don’t Look Like the Ones in Magazines

Have you ever looked at your travel photos from somewhere and thought that they didn’t do that place, or your experience there, justice? It’s one of the big frustrations that newbie travel photographers face, that they feel their photos don’t look as good as the ones in travel brochures or magazines. Travel photography is a rewarding hobby or profession but it’s also challenging. Here are six reasons why your travel photos don’t look as good as the pro’s shots.

You’re Not Patient Enough

Often one of the biggest differences between professional and amateur photographers is the time spent waiting for the perfect photo. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have been waiting at a location for the perfect light only to see a host of people turn up with the latest camera equipment, take a couple of photos and then leave.

Ask any professional travel photographer and they will usually tell you that they spend as much time waiting and looking as they do taking photos. Yes, you might get lucky sometimes and the conditions, composition, and subject are all in perfect harmony for you to take the photo. But that is luck and it doesn’t happen often. If you want the best travel photos possible you have to be prepared to capture them at the best possible time and conditions. Usually, this only happens by being patient and waiting.

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