5 Autonomous Driving Car Stocks That Aren’t Tesla Inc

Self-driving cars are on the way — and investors are looking to profit. One popular choice in self-driving car stocks has been Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA), a potential play on the shift to both electric automobiles and autonomous driving. But with TSLA stock looking a bit shaky at the moment, investors might benefit from looking toward less well-covered — and less volatile — autonomous driving car stocks.

After all, the technology certainly is coming. Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL, NASDAQ:GOOG) unit Waymo is launching a commercial service in Phoenix this year. Legacy automobile manufacturers have their own efforts going.

And so there are opportunities in the space — even if I don’t think TSLA stock is one of them. Here are five autonomous driving car stocks, all of which look like buys — and all of which have at least some exposure to coming trend.

Ford (F)

5 Self-Driving Car Stocks: Ford (F)

We’ll see whether Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) actually winds up being a winner in autonomous driving. But it has a shot. CEO Jim Hackett ran the company’s self-driving car unitbefore taking the top spot a year ago. But he’s already signaled some caution toward the pace of those efforts, which has raised fears that Ford will be left behind.

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