12 Reasons You Need To Drink Coffee Every Single Day

We’re having another cup right now.Reasons You Need To Drink Coffee Every Single Day

It really wakes you up.

So it’s already your morning routine, but did you know that even just the scent of roasted beans can reduce the effects of sleep deprivation? Plus, it only take 10 minutes for those first sips to start working — and they last up to four hours. That’s a pretty good payoff.

It makes your power nap so much better.

Since it takes a brief while for the caffeine to enter your bloodstream, taking a 20 minute power nap after drinking your favorite caffeinated beverage is the ultimate energy boost. Goodbye, afternoon sluggishness. A “coffee nap” is the best way to beat heavy eyelids.

It helps fight breast cancer.

Two or more cups a day can help stop breast cancer in its tracks, says a 2015 study. The brew’s properties inhibit tumor growth and reduce the risk of recurrence. How? The caffeine and certain acids make affected cells more sensitive to treatment.

It’s a great exfoliant.

Fancy a homemade scrub? Combine six tablespoons of finely ground coffee (fresh or used) with four tablespoons of coconut or olive oil to make a thick paste. Then, gently rub the mixture on your body and face in a gentle circular motion to remove dead skin. (Just be sure to avoid the eye area, which is extra sensitive.)

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