10 Ways To Take Unique Travel Photography

Take only necessary kit

As photographers, we enjoy buying new toys such as lenses and photo accessories. We often own more tools then we really need. In the past I owned seven different lenses and I used only two of them on a regular basis. It’s OK if you keep all the kit in your bedroom. The problem is if you want to climb Machu Picchu with 20kg backpack full of camera stuff!


The truth is that you need less than you think you need.

At some point I decided that I get rid of most my lenses and keep only the ones I travel with regularly. I ended up with one wide angle lens (17-40mm) and another telephoto zoom lens (70-200mm). Even if there is a gap between focal length between 40 and 70mm I feel that I can take any picture I want without feeling limited.

Wake up early

The best times of the day to take great pictures are morning and late afternoon. Especially because morning light is very soft, there are not many people on the streets and is cooler in the summer. It is highly advisable to wake up even before sunrise, so you can get to your location at dawn. From my experience I can tell that you shouldn’t be discouraged even if you wake up early and see that it is raining. The weather could change just before the sunset and you will take some amazing photos of the dramatic sky with the first rays of the sun. It’s totally worth it.

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