10 Watches Recommended For Anyone According

With that said, while you might have your own list of watches that are “must haves” for anyone, you really can’t disagree with my list of 10 watches because I am presenting my personal opinion (and I’m not lying), and this is what I recommend. I do, however, really want to hear about your own list in the comments below and am curious to see what watches show up on list after list. By the way, there are plenty of amazing watches that I love and would easily recommend that aren’t on this list. Timepieces that don’t make the list are simply ones that I wouldn’t recommend as universally.

10 Watches Recommended For Anyone According To Ariel Adams ABTW Editors' Lists

Omega Speedmaster

I’ve become really attached to the ubiquitous Omega Speedmaster in so many of its forms. The Omega Speedmaster is a timepiece with so much variety, and yet so many of them are incredibly worth owning because of how well they totally incorporate what is “right” with high-end sports watches. What was originally a racing chronograph completely changed its personality when Omega had some luck with the US Government and NASA, and Speedmaster timepieces were sent into space and worn by astronauts to the moon. Since then, the Omega Speedmaster has seen countless variations and forms – the best of which demonstrate the Speedmaster’s ability to be beautiful, useful, and versatile. There are few watches with so much lasting value for such a variety of owners. I don’t care what Omega Speedmaster you get, or if you have a bunch of them – everyone who loves watches needs some Speedmaster in their life.

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