10 Popular UI Design Trends on Dribbble in 2018

Like it or hate it, Dribbble plays its game with more and more designers and teams sharing their ideas and practice. Some of the shots present real and live projects while the others share conceptual approaches which may influence the design of the future. Anyway, as any design community, Dribbble reflects what’s popular in the sphere. So, let’s check and discuss some hot UI design trends of this summer. With lots of examples, of course.

Prominent Illustrations on Web Pages

In the domain of web design, custom digital illustrations used as hero or theme images present one of the biggest trends of this year. Whatever is the day you open the feed of popular shots, you’ll see examples of a website or landing page with a big and catchy illustration. In most cases, it is placed in the left half of the screen while the right part presents the copy content. In other cases, the image may split the page diagonally. One more popular way is using digital artworks as title images for blog articles; in this case, you will probably find them in the top part of the page.

Original graphics are a good way to add the flare of uniqueness to the web layout. What’s more, pictures are perceived faster than text, so illustrations raise the chances to attract users’ attention to the theme of the resource or benefits of the offered products and services.

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