10 Most Popular Watches In The World

The largest watch manufacturers are well-known for keeping their yearly sales figures tightly under wraps. Let’s be real though: who wouldn’t want to know which illustrious pieces are topping out on that list? Far be it from us to deny you a top 10 list of the most popular watches out there. Keep in mind, this is a line-up that won’t be based on recent sales figures but rather by the assistance of the world’s largest search engine, Google.

The volume of searches per month over a period of 24 months gives us a good idea of which watch models have been searched for the most. Don’t worry, you still have ample enough time to place all your bets but don’t scroll down too fast just yet. Presented here in reverse order are the most popular, coveted, and googled luxury watch models in the world.

Breitling Superocean

Mag_neu_Superocean_Watches_62Our list begins with the sporty yet elegant Superocean, which has an average of 22,000 searches per month. Next to the Breitling Colt, the Superocean is a watch model with a very convincing price-perfomance ratio and retails for around 2,155.- GBP.

Tissot T-Touch


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