10 Great Ways To Say Thank You With Coffee

Thanksgiving and Coffee Go Hand in Hand

Actions speak louder than words, and what better way to say “thank you” than to give a gift that communicates your gratitude? Our go-to recommendation: coffee, of course. Whether you settle on a bag of beans, a latte, or a gift card to a local coffee shop, coffee may literally be the perfect way to say thanks on any number of levels.

Here at Bipartisan Café and for the café owners, coffee is seen as a vehicle for us to do our real job – to make sure that people are working together and to facilitate and build community. And we’d like to think it’s working! Coffee does a lot for us, so now let coffee do something for you: here are 10 great ways to say thanks with coffee this Thanksgiving holiday.

Thank You for a Long-Distance Relationship

Whether it’s an old college roommate, a childhood friend, or a sibling, we all have relationships that we care about outside of our immediate area. Invest in these relationships, and nurture them by saying thank you for being a constant in your life – despite the distance. Send these people a bag of coffee beans from your local roaster, and you’ll be sending a piece of your home to theirs – almost like you’re in the same place.

Thank You for a Student

 Say Thank You With Coffee

What better way to reward a student’s hard work – for a test, a big project, a momentous semester – than to give the gift of coffee? Because coffee has long been a late-night study staple, students will gladly welcome the gift of caffeine. Consider sending a gift card to a coffee shop close to their campus (and preferably one that’s open late).

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