10 Great Coffee Drinks You Can Make This Summer

Amazing Cold Coffee Concoctions to Drink All Summer Long

With temperatures slowly climbing and summer well on its way, it’s time to build a go-to menu of refreshing drinks to enjoy during the warm weather that’s sure to come to Portland. Eventually.

While it’s important to stay hydrated in the summer heat, nothing tastes quite as refreshing or smooth as good ol’ fashioned iced coffee. Not to mention the rush of caffeine that boosts your energy on a busy summer day has its perks too!

Prepare to dazzle your friends and family this summer with one of these easy to make coffee drinks that’s ideal for sipping in the sun.

summer coffee drink recipes

Coffee on Nitro

Okay, this one might be cheating. Even though you probably won’t make your own nitro iced coffee this summer, we highly recommend that you make your way to a local coffee shop or grocery store to enjoy a glass of nitro coffee.
This coffee drink consists of cold brew that has been paired with nitrogen gas. Once combined, the coffee beverage is pressurized, stored in a keg, and then dispensed for enjoyment. Cascading bubbles, smooth foam, and a strong dose of caffeine – what’s not to love about this summer coffee drink?!

Pioneer Woman Iced Coffee

If you’ve fallen hard for nitro cold brew coffee, this home-brew iced coffee is a godsend for your appetite and your wallet. The Pioneer Woman cookbook includes a simple, 4-step recipe for making coffee with grounds, cold water, half and half, and sweetened condensed milk. Her secret? Use a cheesecloth to keep the coffee grounds from filtering into your cold drink.

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