10 best BMWs of all time: choosing the ultimate examples of the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’

It’s one of Germany’s “Big 3,” the automotive behemoth from Bavaria whose very own tagline is “the ultimate driving machine,” so you’d better expect the cars live up to the hype.

BMW is one of the world’s leading auto manufacturers when it comes to blending performance and luxury. Along the way, the brand has created some truly legendary, unique, and absolutely cutting-edge vehicles – along with one or two oddballs we can’t help but love. From all-out performance cars to quirky microcars and everything in between, BMW’s reputation is well-earned, and has spawned dozens of future and current classics.

It wasn’t easy picking the best of the best, but we’ve narrowed our list of the “10 best BMWs” to the fine machines you see here:

507 Roadster

NYDN_BMW 507 Roadster Elvis

If you close your eyes and picture the classic convertible of your dreams, chances are good you’re thinking of the BMW 507 Roadster. Planned as a competitor against the Mercedes-Benz 300SL drop-top, the 140-horspower V8-powered 507 had a lengthy list of celebrity clientele back in its day. The sad reality, however, is that the 507’s production costs nearly bankrupted BMW. The brand lived on, thankfully, and the 507 is still regarded as one of the most gorgeous German vehicles ever created. Even Elvis Presley owned one, pictured above.

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